Gratitude Journal: February

2018-02-15 08.27.12 1.jpg

  1. Hit a PR on deadlift at 45kg
  2. GravyBaby‘s Chocolate Milkshake
  3. Sobbed at the cinema watching Newt’s death (The Maze Runner: Death Cure)
  4. Japanese Izumi Shokudo‘s Izumi Special Don
  5. Received RM10 credit on DahMakan
  6. Stride + Upper Body at Firestation Fit
  7. RM24 credit refund on DahMakan
  8. PapaSan Canteen‘s Ton Teriage Don
  9. Free trial at TRIBE Boxing Studio
  10. Sunrise Flow at Fitness First The Gardens Mall
  11. The Daily Grind‘s Lamb Shank
  12. Flow 101 at Omology Yoga
  13. Family dinner at Grub by Ah Hong
  14. Starbucks’ Chocolate Black Tea with Earl Grey Jelly Frappuccino
  15. CNY reunion dinner with in-laws
  16. Chinese New Year with family
  17. Flew to Bali for holiday
  18. Pork ribs at Iga Warung
  19. Lunch with colleague in Bali
  20. Kebaya top gifted by husband
  21. Salmon Don at J’s Gate Dining
  22. The Naked Lunchbox’s Avocado Pesto Sandwich
  23. DahMakan’s Moroccan Chicken Tagine
  24. Sapore’s Grand Opening Celebration
  25. PUMA x GuavaPass DO YOU Power Play
  26. Positive feedback on work performance
  27. Stride + Upper Body at Firestation Fit
  28. Homemade Japanese curry rice