FitnessBlender – Working Out with Youtube


Today’s post is dedicated to the Youtube channel that kick-started my fitness journey back in 2015 – Fitness Blender. Helmed by Daniel and Kelli, you can find hundreds of free full-length workout videos, fitness tips, and even refreshingly honest testimonies of their very own weight and health issues.

What I love about Fitness Blender’s videos is that they’re tailored for those living in small spaces and don’t have access to a fancy gym, which is an intimidating space for someone who’s never worked out before. I choose to watch workouts done by Kelli because unlike other workout videos I’ve seen on Youtube, her videos are not sexualized AT ALL – no weird close-ups of her butt or chest, no raunchy dance music – and like a normal human being, she struggles to complete the last few reps.

On days when I’m not attending Hot Pilates and Bodytone classes, I’ll be home working out using Fitness Blender videos which comprise HIIT, yoga & stretching, cardio, abs, and weightlifting. Although some of the workouts require the use of dumbbells, you can easily use your own bodyweight to tackle them. My fiancé’s condominium has an onsite gym so I now have free access to the weight room (yay!).

They also have an official website which offers inexpensive workout programs, printable routines, fitness tests, and healthy recipes while their Youtube videos are categorized according to difficulty, body focus, training type, etc. Whether you’re an exercise newbie or unabashed gym junkie, you’ll be sure to find a workout video on Fitness Blender that challenges you.


One thought on “FitnessBlender – Working Out with Youtube

  1. Good read. I love Fitnessblender. Im blogging about my experience paying for a program for the first time. I’ve used their free videos for years now, but I finally bought fbsweat.

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