Bodytone Mont Kiara’s Beach Bod Workout (Thursday 17/8)

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Disclaimer: this post was written a while ago (Thursday 17th August, 2016 to be exact), but I really want to share my experience at one of my favourite fitness studios in KL. 

I was in Malacca with my fiancé and his family for the weekend and ended up about 2kg heavier thanks to all the good food and Klebang coconut shakes! We did a lot of walking in Jonker Street but the hot weather had me craving more food so it didn’t really help much. So this week, I booked a session with Bodytone called Beach Bod with Nasrun which I’ve never done before but I’ve heard good things from other members.

I arrived quite early so I updated my measurements using the Body Composition Analysis as my previous test was done about two months ago. Basically it’s an upgraded weighing scale that also detects your BMI, WHR (waist-to-hip ratio) BMR (basal metabolic rate), lean body mass, body fat mass, etc. Thankfully, the results came out relatively positive:

  • Weight: – 1.9kg
  • Muscle +0.5kg
  • Fat -1.2kg
  • BMR +12 calories

Unsurprisingly, I felt more motivated to work out so once everybody got ready, we moved right on Beach Bod. Here’s what we did for total of 45 minutes after a five-minute warmup.

  • Set 1:

Kettlebell Deadlift + Squat + Press – 20 reps (5kg)

Plank – 1 min

  • Set 2

Dumbbell Press + Rotate – 14 reps (4kg on each hand)

Side plank (right) 30s

Side plank (left) 30s

  • Set 3

Push Up + Mountain Climbers – 14 reps

Russian Twist with Kettlebell – 20 reps (5kg)

Reverse Crunch – 20 reps

Repeat each group of exercises three times, rest for about 20 seconds before moving on to the next one. Although I did the entire workout on a Power Plate, these exercises can be done in your living room or gym and are equally (if not more) challenging if you’re using heavier weights. Good luck!


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